Current Project -

As you can probably tell, this particular site is still pretty new. I wanted a bang up to date repository for my work that looked great no matter what size of screen it's being viewed upon. If you haven't already, have a look at it on your mobile or tablet...

Pretty good eh? I'm using the fantastic Foundation framework. It's a great, flexible way to get a lovely site structure up and running in no time and used by many big names such as National Geographic Education and The Washington Post.

  • Infographic regarding legal aid
    Infographic - The cuts to legal aid
  • Promotional Poster for Triple Threat
    Promo - Triple Threat
  • Oriel Responsive Keep Calm meme
    Client Request - "Keep Calm" meme
  • Promotional flyer for Triple Threat
    Promo - Grayscale Triple Threat Flyer

Recent Projects

DriveWorks 3D

One of the first duties asked of me by my former employer was to redesign one of their suite of websites to both bring it in line with their recently revamped corporate site and make it more mobile friendly. I chose to use a heavily customised version of the Foundation framework to allow for a running start - the site had to be turned around in just two weeks. You can view the website here DriveWorks 3D.

DriveWorks 3D responsive website

Triple Threat

A triumvirate of musical theatre teachers from the City of Liverpool College and LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts) recently asked me to develop the identity of their after hours project "Triple Threat". Currently in its second month, Triple Threat is a monthly musical theatre cabaret/open mic night in Liverpool. I was at first asked to come up with some eye catching (but Local football team colours neutral) promotional posters for them.

Promotional Poster for Triple Threat

Oriel Responsive

An offshoot of my most recent employer, my role with Oriel Responsive has me involved in a number of different tasks (as is the wont of a startup). Their branding is based around the periodic table of the elements and they requested a science themed take on the "Keep Calm and Carry On" meme that can be spotted world wide in every house ever built.

Oriel Responsive Keep Calm meme